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World Wide Fund for Nature has a proud history of protecting the future of nature. Working in over 100 countries, with supporters from all over the world, the WWF is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations.

WWF has started to operate in Armenia since 2002 and as of November 2006, WWF Armenia has been registered as an official branch of WWF International as a part of WWF Caucasus Programme Office. Since 2002, WWF has been continuously working towards improvement of protection of Leopard and its prey species (Bezoar Goat, Armenian Mouflon, Roe Deer, Wild Boar and other animals) through technical support to Protected Areas, planning and implementing creation of new PAs in the Leopard habitats, enforcement of Environmental Inspectorate, implementing community development projects and awareness raising campaigns.

WWF Armenia has implemented a number of activities for afforestation and forest rehabilitation with its partners planting trees on a territory of 850 hectares.

A number of alternative livelihood projects were implemented in more than 32 adjacent communities of the protected areas to reduce their pressure on natural resources. Subsequently, these communities gained access to potable water, street lighting systems, agricultural machinery, newly planted orchards, etc.

WWF-Armenia implements a project on reintroducing the Caucasian Red Deer in Armenia to set up a breeding group of the species in Dilijan National Park. The species is included in the Red Data Book of Armenia (2010) as Critically Endangered (CR).

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